About the Author

I am Ruth Stingley, a blessed child of God, older and a bit wiser than I was a year ago.  Thankfully married to the perfectly best man for me and quadruply blessed with double-generation offspring, I don’t understand how God has been so good to me.

I do understand that I’ve been granted more than my fair share of absolutely everything: LIFE & GRACE!

I talked nonstop once I learned how to move my mouth and words erupted.  Ask my mom.  She tells tales of me being the best sleep aid for my older sister, who would conk out long before my daily words had been used.  Of course, I kept my mouth shut at school (at least in the elementary grades), so time was of the essence when the school bell rang, and I unleashed my pent-up conversations on my family and friends.

But I was also a thinker.  I would sit and sit and think and think (and sometimes write).

So my first (non-ghostwritten) book just had to have speaking in the title.  It gleans from both the speaking and thinking arenas, melding the two in a way that will hopefully make my older sister more likely to listen to me!