This book is such a powerful way to speak truth and encouragement into your life as well as those around you. I pray them over my husband, and he prays them over me and we both feel strengthened. I know they will be a blessing to you.

- Janelle Simons

I am so in love with this book! Not only has it been a terrific resource for biblical encouragement for myself in personal matters, but also a great resource when wanting to bless others through God’s word. I immediately embraced the concept of what Ruth lays out in praying scripture for all the specific topics introduced. There is such confidence in praying Gods word! Plus, the divinely inspired words in each chapter are wonderful accompaniments to any personal or group dynamic. I was able to see this book used at a prayer meeting in a powerful way that then had a ripple effect of blessing many beyond that one gathering. This book is bound to be a blessing to you personally as well as exponentially useful in ministering to others!

- Marie Doan

I could hardly wait to receive Speak to Your Heart once I had purchased it. The thought that I could give and receive blessings based on the Word of God woven together with words of encouragement was beyond exciting for me. I have not been disappointed!!! The first blessing I read touched me deeply as it ministered to my heart with the truth from scripture – I was blessed and encouraged. I am also looking forward to sharing these encouraging words with my family and friends.

- Frankie Galaway