Restore Wonder

Ever feel like the childlike wonder you once had is lost?  Buried somewhere deep inside, relegated to memories that don’t influence your adult life?

I have.  Adult responsibilities often diminish playfulness.

And it can impact your spiritual life. The wonder of Christmases long past tarnishes.  The expectancy of what God is up to is shuffled into hopes deferred.

I want to see with the eyes of a child.  I want the faith of a little one who eagerly trusts God.

Are you in that place?  Ready for a reinstatement of wonder?

Then I bless you to experience God with the enthusiastic senses of a child.  I bless you to let God peel away the defenses that keep you from astonishment and marveling. I bless you to bask in God-awe and receive the pleasure of the Lord who rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Please join me in keen pursuit.

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