Why Speak to My Heart?

I don’t know about you, but I too often let the circumstances of my life affect my thought life. I’m a thinker. And being a thinker can be good.

But it can also be detrimental IF I choose to think along the wrong lines. It’s kind of like coloring in and out of the lines with messy strokes that obliterate the picture. The more I do that, the more I begin speculating about my circumstances, the more fear and anxiety and depression begin coloring my thoughts. If I keep going, my picture looks more and more bleak.

God tells us in Isaiah 55 that His thoughts are NOT my thoughts, and His ways are NOT my ways (verse 8). So why do I think that my thoughts will be worthwhile?

I am in the process of choosing to think God’s thoughts. How? By getting in His Word and learning what and how He thinks.  Funny thing is: His thoughts are generally much different than mine. He speaks of joy in the midst of trials. He speaks of redeeming my past. He speaks of a greater hope than I can ever envision or think.

And when my thoughts line up with His, I begin speaking to myself differently. I no longer wallow in hopelessness and cowardice and fright.

I now see things in light of who He is…

And the picture is stunningly majestic.

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